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Friday, May 26, 2006


One can ask a question like, what is a crop circles?. It is easy to understand what crop circles are. According to the knowledge I have, after reading different materials and viewing videos. Crop circles are defined as a place of similar crops that have systematically geometric patterns. It is not easy to explain the pattern of crop circles that are found in fields. Some scientists said that, crop circles are just circles that are found in crops. Some of them said that, a circle is a symbol of humanity on earth. They also said that, it is a symbol of God and Heaven in different things. Crop circles are mostly found in wheat, corn, seeds, maize, oats and in barley. Sometimes Crop circles may occur in snow and even in long grass. Some say the crop circles are man made while others are artificial. Some of the Scientists said that, most of the crop circles are created at night and early in the morning between 11pm to 4 am.

There are different shapes of crop circles; some are like a ring, flattened, rectangular, geometric, triangle, and circular shapes.. In place where there is crop circles plants are bent above the soil and it laid down like a geometrically patterns. If we look on this grass, it is invisible to see the physical sign indicating the damage between those plants. But there is some heat in those plants because of light burn that occurs in the base of stems. Depletion of local watershed occurs but you can not see it physically. This will cause the crops (maize) to change the colours. Although crop circles does not happened to trees.

According to the laboratory results found in the United Kingdom. The research is based on barley of crop circles. They focus on barley (Samples of seeds heads). This was done on 07 November 1992. The shape of these crop circles is circular in shape and it was fourth circles. The people who study this crop circles said that, there is different between the seeds from the circles and the seeds that are outside the circles and they grow differently. The different is that, seeds that are found outside the circles are well-developed while in the inside of the circles have no seeds.

Another laboratory report which is also found in United Kingdom. Were focused on seeds. The information indicates that, there are 21m circles that are formed during the night of April 24-25 1992 and they are collected on 01 May 1992. The shape of these crop circles is circular in shape. They provide information that, the cells at outer circles were the same as compared to those in the circles. This is when they focus on the stem of the plants

Soil samples taken within the crop circles have been studied and the results show that, they contain Radioactive which is not occur in the outside the circles. During watching the videos, the type of crop circles that attract my heart was Triple Julia set because it has beautiful shape and it consists of 35 circles.


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