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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The main reason for going to the moon was to compete with the Russians and Americans. The whole thing was faked in the Navenda desert. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon in 1969 and they were failing to get it. Some they died but survive to come back. They used Apollo to go to moon. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) faked the fact that Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon. During 2001 the fox television aired a programme titled conspiracy theory; did we land on the moon? NASA was not up to real moon landing. No they did not land on the moon. On the moon there is no atmosphere and no force of gravity, how they walk? This is an interesting thing about conspiracy theory. In the rock of the moon there is isotope, which we did not normally found on the earth. This isotope was created by nuclear reactions with highest energy cosmic rays. Pictures of Apollo astronauts put flag on the moon shows the flag is bending and rippling. This would not happen because there is no breeze on the moon. So the flag waves. The black skies are not full of stars in all Apollo photographs. They fail to recognize the different between seeing stars and photographing stars. Astronauts never mention the beautiful star-filled sky.
To go to the moon astronauts would travel through Van Allen Radiation Belts, results in Radiation. Those people were died, because it took Apollo one hour to pass through radiation belt. This means that, radiation from the solar killed the Apollo astronauts in route to the moon and when it came back. These Apollo astronauts would have killed by thousand of micrometeoroids. How those people survive in the moon because there is heat in the moon. Of course the astronauts survive because some of the heat energy received from the sun then is radiated back into space as infrared rays.

Most of the photographs, the shadow side of rocks appear black where as astronauts appear illuminated. Those astronauts they fail to reflect sunlight. On the video we watched two men walking on the moon during Apollo mission and there was a photo which Astronauts reflected the visor and has no camera, who took the shoot.

We can not take any pictures on the moon because the film would melt. Any normal film will melt it exposed to 250 temperatures. Apollo astronauts used film designed by NASA contract. Photographs know that it is difficult to captures something very bright and very dim on the same film. NASA was a blundering movie. NASA pictures, there is lack of stars in the pictures taken by Apollo Astronauts from the moon. With no air the sky is black. On the earth without sunlight air is dark, at night it allowing us to see stars. On the moon lack of air means sky is dark and the sun is high during full day. If you were standing on moon you would see stars even during the day. This is remote possible that NASA faked it.

All pictures taken by astronauts indicate that, the shadow is not black. Photos from the moon are shown where the objects on Lunar Landscape have long shadows. The sun is the only light source, which means the shadow should be parallel. Images taken by Astronauts it shows us the objects are in front of the crosshairs, this is impossible if the crosshairs were inside the camera. Shadow cast on the Lunar surface should be parallel some shadows in the Apollo photos are not parallel and it indicate more light sources. This is100% totally hoax.
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